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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions.

No, It’s not allowed by the MTO. MTO restricts the lessons only in driving school instructors’ cars.

Driving schools instructor’s cars are specially designed and equipped only for the purpose of lessons for beginners. These cars have a safety inspected and certified by professional mechanics and approved by MTO and the city of Mississauga.

yes, it is comparatively easy to drive and handle than a manual transmission car, especially for the beginners during the lesson and after getting their license to move on the road.

A driving test can be booked at the website of the ministry of transportation Ontario or at drivetest.ca also we provide help & directions to book the road test for our students if required.

It is hard to say before taking a trial from the students because it varies from person to person. some students have the capability to learn quickly but some of them cannot. Some student understands the instruction & directions quickly some of them take time to understand. Some of them learn equipment quickly and some of them take time to understand and learn the equipment. Overall, it depends from person to person that how many lessons he needs or required to become proficient

Most commonly instructor’s cars have an automatic transmission as the current requirement of transportation. Nowadays 99% of the automobile industry manufactures automatic cars that’s the reason beginners are familiar with & free to drive on modernized highways & roads

Yes, you can give the test in any of your family or friend’s car. The car must be mechanically fit all indicators, break lights & horn should be in working condition. All the mirrors and windows should be in good condition. As per procedure, the examiner examines the car by a circle check before starting the test.